Wednesday, January 11, 2012

unraveling the mindless into being mindful

The temperature...
It's chilly...
It's like 10 degrees! ..
5 miles
4 miles
3 miles
hit the snooze button..
This is how my training is thus far but I'm not giving up.

As I ran my usual loops at the Buffalo Park, I became mindful of my environment.  Looking at the lightest brown roots of the plants as they seemed to shiver in the chilly air yet, the chirping birds in the ponderosa pines make things seem more like Spring is around the corner!
Oh, how I can't wait for spring but quickly I'm reminded again of why the ground is frozen right now as I listen to the crunch of the snow under the soles of rubber that has carried me for miles now.  I go back to when I was having a conversation with my mother about what that crunching under my shoes mean .... Yas nil tees .. she was describing it to me as the crunchiness of winter but I thought of it as ..'Snap, Krackle, Pop' the slogan for the rice krispies cereal.  I smile thinking how quickly my mind shifts back to   this generation of convenience.

In the distance, Doko'oo'sliid, the sacred San Franciso Peaks loom beautifully and I think of our beloved people that have been working against snow making with reclaimed water to bring economic development to this border town.  I don't understand why, even our own Dine' people don't stand up to this desecration of our sacred sites.  I send prayers and positive thoughts to the Save the Peaks Coalition for always speaking out and that I stand with them as well, in spirit and prayer if not in person.

I have learned with this challenge of winter training what it means to fully commit to a plan.  Honestly, I have yet to fully commit because of my lack of confidence in fending off the cold and letting the warmth of my home be my security.

I've made that first step of unraveling the mindless into being mindful...
Commit to a plan!

9 miler, here I come this weekend!  Be ready!  :)

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